Drainage Services

Whether it’s cleaning, clearing and unblocking drains; jetting or vacuumation; drain repairs, relining or general drainage advice, you will find the same high One Facility’ standards at any of our depots across the country. That’s because we’ve expanded One Facility in a way that gives you direct access to your own, local drains specialist, yet offers you all the benefits and resources of a truly national operation.

For emergencies, our 24-hour call out service means a fast solution to blocked drains for domestic and commercial clients. And for those of you who need a planned maintenance programme, which means you check on the state of your drains regularly, you’ll find One Facility the perfect drainage partner.

Retail solutions

Increasingly stores are looking for better solutions for condensate drainage. In new stores 110mm pipework is fitted as standard, however when upgrading an existing store it’s not so easy. Previously, if any drainage runs were cut out they would have to be hoarded over during the installation due to three different trades being required, a ground worker, carpenter and then a Terrazzo layer.

One Facility have developed a method that removes the requirement for hoarding and can successfully, install drawings and back fill and retile an area in one operation, leaving ready for trade the following day. The system is fully accessible meaning maintenance is easy. If it’s drains expertise you need, you’ve come to the right place. Our engineers are friendly, enthusiastic about their work, and know what they’re about. And they use the most powerful and advanced technology and equipment to do their job.


People may want to look into their drains, sewers, manholes and other chambers for a whole host of reasons but, in our experience, it’s usually to make sure that they’re not deteriorating, defective or blocked. And if there is a problem, using CCTV is absolutely the fastest and most effective way to find out what that problem is.

At One Facility, we’re always up there with the very latest technology, and our CCTV kit is no exception. Alongside our standard remotely controlled camera units, we’ve invested in clever Panoramo 360º cameras, which record every intricate detail of the inside of a drain, sewer or manhole. It makes inspection and problem analysis a cinch.

Of course, we don’t just turn out when you have a predicament. Some organisations choose to have regular inspections — for peace of mind or to meet ISO14001 environmental standards. If there is an issue, you can be sure we’ll find it. And if there isn’t, then you can rest assured that your drainage system or inspection chamber is doing its job. We’ll see to it.

Waste Management
Waste not, want not

As a responsible and registered waste management contractor, One Facility collects and disposes of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste from a whole variety of locations including (but not limited to) septic tanks, petrol interceptors, drains, sewers, gullies and boreholes, using only reputable and certified disposal sites.

Signed and sealed

Naturally, we comply with all stringent waste legislation for waste disposal and tracking. Preparing and completing legal waste documentation for you is all part of our service: we make sure that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted, so that you don’t have to.

Waste management near you

One Facility is a national operation but we are registered with waste disposal, recycling sites and transfer stations across the UK so that, no matter where you are, we provide professional waste management locally. One Facility’s waste management service:

  • covers removal of all waste, including from septic tanks and interceptors
  • includes management and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • is registered for waste handling
  • meets all legislation for waste disposal and tracking
  • includes preparation of all waste disposal documentation
  • is a national operation, registered with waste stations across the UK
  • is also an approved installer of a range of wastewater treatment solutions