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Facilities Management Modernisations That Are Making Our Futures Better

It seems as though just about every field and industry is evolving thanks to ever-changing technology that helps to push things forward. Facilities management is no exception to these changes and evolution. In fact, this is an area where innovation is not only changing the way people go about their jobs, but is also making the future better.

Here’s a look at some of the top facilities management innovations that are making an impact today.

  • The Introduction of Smart Buildings

Where it used to be that smart phones were the only smart technology people were embracing, today smart technology exists just about everywhere. There are now smart buildings that are able to take care of things on their own. These "things" include such items as security, ventilation, heating, sanitation, and lighting which can be controlled remotely or at a central location thanks to smart sensors. This is making businesses more energy efficient and sustainable.

  • See the Building Before it is Built

Digital technology has now made it possible for people to see how a building will look before it's actually built. Building Information Modelling (BMI) is an effective tool that architects use in order to create a digital model of structures. What this does is give the business a chance to get really specific about the plan and look for ways to reduce the environmental impact, reduce waste, and even save money on the construction.

  • The Rise of Supermobility

Supermobility is one of those terms that sounds very futuristic and perhaps a bit confusing, but it's rather simple in theory. Supermobility is really about the increase in wearable technology, cloud computing, and smartphone technology that exists today. All of these factors are then used by facility managers in order to carry out their everyday tasks in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Supermobility also means that these facility managers can be productive no matter where they are located.

  • Watch for Automated Systems to Take Over

Automated systems are also making a splash where innovation is concerned. This is more obvious in some fields over others. These automated systems are able to replace human staff, can reduce costs, can cut down on the environmental impact of the business, and more.

  • Look for Changes in Software Systems

The last innovation worth watching has to do with software meant for facilities management. You can now expect an integrated approach where this software integrates with tools from other departments such as the HR department. The idea is to create a more streamlined flow of information through departments, which allows everyone to have access to the same information.