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BTS Of Our New Company Video

At One Facility, we pride ourselves on staying current, keeping our finger on the pulse and getting involved in new things... you'll see most of us in the office with a FitBit strapped to our wrist trying to hit those 10k steps, for example!

This attitude for embracing new ways of doing things not only stretches across our operations, where we're always willing to welcome innovation with open arms, but spreads right across our entire business. We recently made the strategic decision to champion digital marketing as a new way of procuring new business, bringing a great team on-board to work with us, but with the digital world shifting and shaping faster than ever before we decided to jump into the deep end of the latest digital trend, video. This meant that both Simon and Dean were dropped in front of the camera and challenged by the Royalty Three boys to talk about One Facility in under 1 minute.

Simon on camera

It was a morning filled with laughter and 'hiccups' and a long blooper reel sure to be found somewhere deep on the web someday but the finished item looks spectacular and is something we're all very proud to promote. The total duration ended up at 1:10, just over the 1minute target but with the intros and interlude inbetween our directors, we think we'll let them off!

Take a look for yourself here: