Defence Facilities Management

Maintaining security and stability in today’s complex global environment is a major challenge for governments and defence sector suppliers.

A decade of experience in supplying facilities management to the defence sector gives One Facility a deep understanding of this unique industry. Our ability to integrate a wide range of facility capabilities and expertise will give you the confidence in our capacity to meet your current and future strategic requirements – essential for any long-term goals and support.

Our skilled in-house team understands the complexities and context of our customers' requirements, which means we can identify and implement innovative, pragmatic, responsive and adaptive solutions.

Our ten-year partnership with the European leader in missile and missile systems has been an amazing success, and has developed both our hard and soft defence services extensively. We have been able to utilise a wide skillset to ensure the support of their 4,000 staff and the smooth running of their entire UK portfolio.

What separates the defence industry from other sectors is the confidential and critical aspects of your business – and our SC-cleared staff, whether it’s our front of house concierge teams or our engineering experts, understand the importance of the need for a secure internal approach.